SolarKapital Asset Management Services

We provide technical and commercial know-how in the PV sector in Greece

Technical and commercial know-how in the PV sector in Greece

SolarKapital Asset Management Services (SKAM) is an asset management services provider focused in the Greek photovoltaic sector. Being a member of SolarKapital Group, SKAM is responsible for the former’s operations in Greece but also serves a limited number of selected Independent Power Producers (IPPs) engaged in the country.

SolarKapital is an owner-managed financial services provider based in Frankfurt who invests equity and know how along the entire value chain of the solar sector as an active partner around the globe. Applying hands-on attitude, SolarKapital supports innovative enterprises in their pursuit of strong and sustainable growth. We are looking for enterprises, which not only focus on the questions “what?” and “how?” (what are we doing and how do we do it?). More important for us is their clear answer to the question “why do we do it?”. In addition to corporate investments, SolarKapital acquires solar projects as an IPP.

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SKAM provides a comprehensive portfolio of top quality services in the Greek PV sector.

Commercial Services

Commercial optimisation, monitoring and budgeting of PV stations

Technical Services

Technical optimisation of PV stations

Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance services to PV IPPs

Intermediation Services

Redirection of selected investment opportunities in the PV sector to SolarKapital

M&A Services

Commercial, technical and legal due diligence of IPPs / PV stations and O&M providers

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